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It is always my continuing aim to be able to teach Politics in as many ways as possible and especially in ways which reach you better.  As another step towards this I have set up our very own Lagan Politics YouTube site. I am currently stacking the playlists full of the best content I can find on YouTube for all the AS and A2 topics we study. If you find anything you think would be useful, just let me know and I will add it. 





There are few subjects you can study at A-Level and truly say you can change the world. Politics, however, is all about changing the world.

Our society has business, culture, entertainment and creativity but without a sound political system to govern things, these will not and cannot work effectively. 

Politics is about effectively managing our relationships in the world and trying to make the world a better place for all. 

In Politics we aim to make sense of the world around us. We develop a sound knowledge of how we are governed - in Stormont, Westminster and Europe. We also look at how the American Government works. Finally we look at ideas which have shaped the world. We look at the concept of power - Who has it and who has not. 

Each year more and more students at Lagan College come to find out what Politics is all about

  • You will learn to build a sound understanding of the world around you 
  • You can develop your debating, presentation and negotiating skills
  • Learn to research effectively.
  • Use information technology in a creative way.  There are possibilities to build your own website ; Use podcasts ; Organise your own  political campaign
  • You will have the possibility to travel to London and experience the Houses of Parliament as well as participate in Political meetings, class events, Visits to the Northern Ireland Assembly and frequently visits to or from Politicians.
  • Many Students get work experience places in local political parties or for PR firms. 
Our ever popular annual Year 13 Politics trip to London was a huge success!!  23 students from Lagan descended on London for two days of action packed activity! 

After a 4am start on a cold morning we arrived in London ready to rock. We headed for Madame Tussauds firstly to get up close and personal with the political glitterati including Barrack Obama ; Donald Trump,  Nelson Mandela, Theresa May and yes - Boris Johnson! After this sparkling and enjoyable introduction we headed south of the river to the newly designed imperial war museum - where we got an amazing insight into both making war across the ages as well as attempting to keep the peace.  We shuttled across to our dinner stop and a bit of sightseeing and browsing in Covent Garden before going to see School of Rock which was full of spectacular energy and helped to wake us up after our long day!

Friday saw us start the day with a long but enjoyable walk to Parliament taking in Hyde Park, Green Park, Buckingham Palace and Parliament square. We had a great tour of Westminster, getting to walk through the House of Lords chamber and then up to see the Commons in action with Winston Churchill's grandson making a very impassioned speech about Brexit. We took part in a making laws workshop where we debated the subject of voting at 16. The two teams went head to head and put across a fantastic set of arguments before the final vote was taken. Votes at 16 was passed with a resounding majority.  We finished the day with a walk up Whitehall, taking in Downing Street and many key Government departments. After some free time we headed home with sore feet but lots of great experiences. 
Our fabulous Year 13 Politics class had a highly enjoyable and successful trip to the Northern Ireland Assembly as part of their AS1 course.  They got the chance to grill politicians with Paxman like style. 

We had a tour of the Assembly itself, including the Chamber and a got to hear a debate in full flow in the chamber. The days events were well enjoyed and highly insightful.
Our Lagan College AS and A2 pupils were invited to the NI Assembly to take part in the ongoing inquiry into shared and integrated education in Northern Ireland. 

Our students were fantastic in putting forward their points with several excellent contributions from Jodi, Niamh, Sarah, Lewis, Ethan, Natasha and Shay. We made sure the integrated message was heard loud and clear. 

This was followed by meeting a range of MLA's such as Mike Nesbitt, Robin Newton, Trevor Lunn and Stephen Agnew as well as the committee clerk. Several of the MLA's were on the receiving end of excellent questions from Sacha, Paul and several others. 


Lagan Politics students appear on BBC Spotlight

This November, 4 Politics students had the chance to appear on the BBC Spotlight program. They were Laura O'Neill, Michael Morrow, Josh Gill and Julia Hinds, 

They were part of the 'live' studio audience and each fielded topical  questions. Guests included Mike Nesbitt of the UUP and Arlene Foster. 

Student Bazar drumming up support for Politics

The First Minister, Peter Robinson, comes to Lagan!

In January 2013 we were rewarded with a visit by then First Minister, Peter Robinson. Although the Politics group did not get to put their full views and concerns across the visit was a very important one for Lagan and showed those in power how well an Integrated school works - even in Politics!

Democracy day at Lisburn and Castlereagh Borough Council 

For World Democracy day we were kindly invited to Castlereagh Borough Council. After a tour of council buildings and the amazingly plush mayoral office we were taken to the Council Chamber. The year 13 students were in their element taking part in a charged and very eloquently argued debate on whether Carryduff should be allocated a Community centre for young people to use together with other groups. Councillors stood in as very convincing residents and concerned groups to add to the debate. 

All in all a very enjoyable day which tested the Year 13's debating skills, political knowledge and showed their real ability to be the councillors of the future. 



We begin by looking at the Northern Ireland Assembly. Before we look at Britain and the United States we have to look at how 'our own wee country' is governed. 
We look at its troubled past, its new beginnings in the Good Friday agreement and how the political settlements have produced a new way of dealing with Politics and our daily life in Northern Ireland.

AS1 NI Course guide Downloads

This part of the course is very enjoyable with several key features often incorporated:

  • Class Debates
  • Troubles tour
  • Meetings with MLA's
  • Tour and workshop at the Northern Ireland Assembly with the chance to ask questions
  • Cinema outings
  • Often Year 13&14 students have the chance to meet important visitors. 



Following Christmas we study the British Political system. We look at how Britain is governed, looking in particular at key parts of the political system.                          
We investigate :
  • The British Legislature (Parliament)
  • The British Judiciary (Legal system)
  • The British Executive (Government)  
  • We look at how these three branches of Government INTERACT with each other. 

AS2 course guide downloads

This part of the course is usually started just before Christmas. It will run up until your AS exams in the Summer term. It too has several integrated elements:

  • Debates 
  • Class Elections 
  • TRIP TO LONDON. This is very popular and involves a trip to the Houses of Parliament,other political sites and a West end show (usually politically linked)
  • University lecture day. 


The Focus in this module is on the comparing the Political systems of the USA and UK.

  1. On the comparison between the LEGISLATURE and EXECUTIVE in each system
  2. On the Extent to which the Executive in each system dominates the Legislature
  3. The extent to which the Chief Executive (PM / President) dominates executive power both domestically (at home) and abroad

images from Philip Martin- for non commercial use


We look over the theories of Power.  This will investigate who has power in society and who does not. 
It will investigate theories of Elitism, Feminism, Marxism and Pluralism and create a debate about which system works best- if any 

It will also look at how states hold and maintain power both legitimately and illegitimately looking at things such as authoritarianism, coercion legitimacy, dictatorship and authority. 


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